Our lounge stocks many different grades of spirits.

The following information, relating to lounge charges, will aid you in deciding the style of service you desire:

Standard Party Bar (Well):  consists of draft beer only and a wide selection of mid- grade wines and liquors.

Premium Party Bar (Call):  consists of everything in the standard bar, as well as bottle and canned beer, premium wines, liquors and specialty cocktails.

Cash Bar: every guest pays for their own drink.

Open Bar: the beverages are purchased before the actual event at an agreed upon fee.  The formula we use is # of guests, times a fee per person for either the standard bar or premium bar, times # of hours.  Open bar is a three (3) hour minimum.  We recommend this type of bar for parties over 50 and a 2nd bartender for premium bars.

(# [guests] X’s $ amt. X’s # [hours])
(E.G.  $6.25 a person times 50 people times 3 hours = $937.50)

If you would like to divide the bar service, example: 2 or 3 hours open and the rest of the evening a cash bar, this can be arranged.

If you originally decided on an open bar for a specified time and wish to add more time, your bill will be revised by physically counting the number of guests in attendance and the additional charge will based on that number.

A 15% gratuity and 7% Florida sales tax will be charged to the total bar bill. No exceptions! The Gulf Harbors Yacht Club retains the right to close the bar when necessary.


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