Revised 3/10/14

1. “How long in advance should I lock in a date?”

A. Some guests have booked a date as far as a year in advance. Because our Club has such awesome views, is a popular location, and has limited availability due to member events, we recommend you book as soon as possible.

2. “If there are circumstances that force me to cancel my booked date, do I lose my deposit?”

A. Unlike other venues that want a large deposit, we only require a $250.00 deposit to hold the date until 30 days prior to your event (at which time 25% is due). We will return $150.00 (keeping only a $100 admin fee) if you cancel at least 30 days prior to your event. You would forfeit the entire $250.00 if: a) you do not provide us a minimum of 30 days’ notice of cancellation; or b) we have another opportunity to rent the Club for the same date you have reserved and we lose that rental due to holding the date for you. In addition, if items, such as food, or liquor are purchased especially for your occasion, you will be charged for those items.

3. “Will my rental be confined to a specific area of the Club?”

A. Your rental fee entitles you to the entire Club, except for the office and store room. The kitchen and behind the bar are considered off limits because of insurance regulations. Guests are welcome to use our floating docks and the outside areas of the Club for viewing, pictures, etc (children are required to be accompanied by an adult). Our finger docks are rented to private parties and are a non-access area.

4. “Can I enter the Club the day before my booked event for the setup of the party?”

A. If there is another event in progress the night before, the answer is no. If we are open to our members for dinner the night before, we would request that you enter after dinner is over (which is usually 8 P.M.). Arrangements can also be made for the next morning. In any case, entry is not permitted without one of our board members present.

5. “Can a member use the Club during my scheduled event?”

A. No, when we book the Club for a private party our members are notified well in advance that the Club will be closed to members.

6. “Is there a fee for getting married on the grounds of the Yacht Club?”

A. Your rental of the Yacht Club covers inside and outside facilities. Our Club features an amazing scenic location, especially the beautiful backgrounds for your pictures. We can also have someone from our Club perform the ceremony for you. Many couples have exchanged vows on our lawn with the beautiful gulf background, and for no additional charge, we throw in the best sunsets on the west coast.

7. “After checking other venues, I have found your prices to be the best, why?”

A. GHYC is a private club with the lowest membership fees and no minimums. You do not have to own a boat to belong. Our chef and bartender have been with us for over 30 years combined. Our food is outstanding, and our lounge prices are very low. We like it that way! Other establishments are in the rental business, we are not.

8. “Why have I just recently heard of the Gulf Harbors Yacht Club as a possible place to hold my reception?”

A. Welcome to the most closely guarded secret in Pasco County. GHYC does not advertise; however, we do have a website:   Although our Club can hold as many as 275 guests, we prefer parties of 125 or fewer. We can do an excellent job for parties of that size.  We do not charge for a minimum number of guests, if you want your party to consist of just 10 people, we don’t mind.

9. “The location is beautiful. May we just get married here and have our reception elsewhere?”

A. Please contact the banquet manager to address this possibility.

10. “How many hours does my rental cover?”

A. While other venues usually rent for a period of 3 hours, we can be very flexible to help you plan your perfect event. Just tell us what you need in terms of setup time and time to enjoy your entertainment and we will do everything possible to meet your every desire.

11.  “May I bring in my own entertainment (bands, DJs etc)?”



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