A Brief History

The Gulf Harbors Yacht Club can trace its history back to the year 1965 when we received our charter in April. One month later we were registered with Lloyds Registry and the Club was commissioned on June 19 of that year. Our present picturesque location on the North Channel lies at the west end of Marine Parkway in the Gulf Harbors Woodlands area and was secured in 1975. With the help of many officers and scores of member volunteers, the current clubhouse was completed and commissioned in February of 1978.

Our Bridge and Board  (Contact us at gulfharborsyc@gmail.com)

Flag Officers 2017

Commodore – Bruce Long
Vice Commodore – Donna Long
Rear Commodore – Arlene Consigli-Hambleton
Fleet Captain – Ken Skaggs
Fleet Surgeon – Claudia Cox
Fleet Chaplain – Pat Hermann

Staff Officers 2017

Secretary – Kris Thompson
Treasurer – Nancy Campbell

Directors  2017

Past Commodore –
Anchorettes President – Bev Ross
House – John Berend
Lounge – Ed Grillo
Future Planning – Kerry Cushing
Scholarship – Co-Chairs Rodger Bubb & Ginny Siegel

Appointments and Committees  2017

IOBG President – P/C Kathy Hockenberry
Finance/Budget – Rodger Bubb
Dock Master – Doug Hockenberry
Galley – Arlene Consigli-Hambleton
Gulf Soundings Editor – Spencer Ferrey
Membership – Sharon Evans
Member Communications – Barbara Alber
Publicity – Judi Pobst
Rentals/Banquet Services – Kathy Hockenberry
Sergeant at Arms – Tom Axtell
Social – Donna Daniele Frank Hermann
TLC – Joyce Axtell
Webmaster – Dick Latour

Contact any staff member/Director/or committee chair via gulfharborsyc@gmail.com

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The Anchorettes
Boating near Gulf Harbors
The Docks at Gulf Harbors Yacht Club 
Sunday Brunch

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